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Alex Curran
Before She Was Famous
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Before She Was Famous
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World Cup 2006

We all know that Alex is a gorgeous young lady, but just how did she look before Steven came along...?

Below is what Alex first looked like when she started dating Steven.
As you can see, this is pre-boob job and pre-blonde hair but she still looks gorgeous.


Alex's next look was like the picture below.
Here she is in the sea with Steven in Dubai in 2002.


And after that we have Alex boarding a plane to La Manga in Spain in 2003.


And during La Manga she looked like this.


And from here onwards Alex turned into the girl we now know and love!

Credit to these pictures goes to

Disclaimer: We are not connected with Alex or her family so please do not contact us with family information. We have the right to respect the privacy of Alex, Steven and their two daughters.