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Alex Curran
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World Cup 2006
Welcome to my Alex Curran site!


Welcome to the website dedicated to Liverpool and England midfielder, Steven Gerrard's gorgeous fiancee, Alex Curran. Alex has, over the past 2 years, become a fashion icon in the United Kingdom, getting noticed wherever she goes.
Recently Alex has returned from Germany after cheering Steven and the rest of the England team on in the World Cup in Germany. Unfortunately the team got knocked out in the quarter-finals against a strong Portugal side but we still managed to get lots and lots of images of Alex whilst she was away!
Alex's Daily Mirror column, titled "Go Shopping With Alex Curran", will be uploaded every week, along with the rest of the pictures which will be added when they are added to their respective editorial photo agencies.
As for Alex's children, Lilly and Lexie, they have the right to remain private and we will not be posting any pictures of the two girls unless either Alex or Steven are present in the pictures. No pictures of the girls alone will be posted.
Now, I hope you have a good time looking around and tell your friends about us! 

What's New?

All the latest Alex news will be updated here.

Updates of new Alex pictures will be here.

Alex in Germany
Doesn't she look good?!

Please be sure to get in touch and let me know what you think of my site.

Disclaimer: We are not connected with Alex or her family so please do not contact us with family information. We have the right to respect the privacy of Alex, Steven and their two daughters.